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civil unions. >> reporter: marcus says the meeting happened after he sent him this letter on behalf of gay catholics supporting the same-sex marriage bill. also in 2010, the cardinal advocated the church in argentina support the idea of civil unions for gay couples. a senior vatican official said the roman catholic church could neither confirm nor deny the report at this point. official added while pope francis might have expressed such view while he was a cardinal, he should be given time to develop his policy position as pontiff. marcus who still describes himself as a devout catholic says in a second meeting the then-cardinal gave him an autographed copy of a book titled "the jesuit" based on his life and works as priest. he says the cardinal once again touched upon the topic of gay rights in argentina. "marcelo, first of all, i want you to know i have always treated gay people with respect and dignity. i have accompanied many hoex sexual people during my career to tend to their spiritual needs. >> the pope's reported proposal when he was cardinal to allow civil unions for same-s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1